How to Teach Everything & Anything in the Music Room

A guide to sequencing musical concepts

    In this How-to Guide, I'll Share...


    Why your current teaching strategy isn't working

    and how you can finally live out the vision for your dream music classroom--where kids are engaged and excited to come see you each week!


    The importance of intentional teaching

    and how it can change your day to day life from scrambling to decide what to do next and knowing for sure the next steps to take.


    My secret sauce to concept sequencing

    that I literally use with anything and everything I teach in the music classroom.


    A concrete example to make it all come to life

    because if you're like me, you need to see something in action to understand how to apply it to your own teaching situation.


    Your next steps to keep the magic going

    since this is only the beginning. There's so much more to what I'm sharing inside this resource, but consider this your quick start guide!!

    A Note from Anne

    Being a music teacher isn't easy. And not a lot of people understand what we do and why we do it. But I do.


    I've spent what seems like my entire life as a musician. And for over a decade, I've honed my craft as a music teacher and teacher educator. And although there are some things that change with time, there are others that are guaranteed to simplify your music teacher life. 


    In this BRAND NEW guide, I share the framework that has completely transformed my teaching.


    What are you waiting for?! Download your guide and get started!!


    XOXO, Anne 

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