And Create Your Perfect Curriculum Planning Roadmap

(without the crazy overwhelm, guesswork of what comes next, and hours spent lesson planning)

If you're an elementary, early childhood, or general music teacher looking to perfect your planning process while allowing for more student creativity in the classroom, then you probably already know that you need to create a curriculum map.

So let's skip the lecture.

I know you don't need to hear about #allthethings that have been preached to you since your teacher training days.


After all, you probably already KNOW that having an awesomely sequenced music classroom is the secret sauce that will save you time, impact more kiddos, and make some serious magic happen in the music room.


And I know you know that having a system would just make your music teacher life all around so much easier.

Here's what you

might not know...

Even if you feel like you're totally on it when it comes to teaching and planning  (get it, girl!)... creating a complete planning system can:



You've got all the resources on your bookshelf, but once you have a process for lesson planning, your time spent in front of the open computer or plan book is minimal, giving you more time to spend with family and finally getting a little bit of that much needed R&R.



Having a system for what you teach in a lesson, in a grade level, and throughout your kiddos' entire time in the music classroom (like, Kindergarten through 5th Grade) makes lesson planning legit plug + play week to week.



You can STOP spending the majority of your lessons at the whiteboard, minimize your teacher talk, and put all the control and music making back in the hands of your students.



Giving your kids more opportunities to be active music makers gets them excited and energized about coming into the music classroom. It's not about what you can perform for them, it's about facilitating experiences that get them engaged in the learning process as independent musicians.



Let's be honest, we didn't become music teachers to spend hours on the computer reinventing the wheel every time we sit down to plan. Creating a process and framework for teaching anything and everything gives you the time and creativity to finally focus on doing what you love: making music with kids. 

Even though the motivation to create a planning process is clear, the path to actually doing it is anything but.

Perfect My Planning? Awesome.

But where do I even start??

I know how it goes. At the beginning of the school year, month, or week, you've made the resolution to finally get your planning act together.


You've got the plan book open, organized your resources, busted open a new pack of flair pens and highlighters, created yearly plans, and maybe even designed your lesson template for the year.


If you're super hardcore, you've probably even taken a few workshops and professional development courses, thinking THIS is going to be the key, the magic pill that will FINALLY make it all stick.


But even with the best intentions, most music teachers end up giving into the overwhelm, filling time instead of planning with intention, because literally #allthethings pile up once the school year gets rocking and rolling.


Here's why most music teachers end up abandoning ship:


Without a super clear, step by step curriculum map, most well-intentioned music teachers get completely overwhelmed and lost.


They get stuck on the hamster wheel of "what does this class already know?" and "what should I do in first grade today?" and generally lack clarity over exactly what to teach next, and how.


Here's why this is damaging beyond repair...


As a craaazy busy music teacher with a million and one lessons to prep, data to track, and performances to plan, (not to mention a family and life outside of your day to day job), you literally can't afford to spend every spare moment planning, OR filling in this or that activity last minute.


And the moment that you get off course with your curriculum, it's really, really hard to recover.


Therefore, implementing a sequencing system is something that NEEDS to happen ASAP.


And lucky for you, there's a way to make it happen right now.


Even if you're late to the planning party, there's still a chance for you to jump off the hot mess express, dust yourself off, and perfect your planning process.


That is, if you get focused, committed, and take action now.


you haven't perfected your planning process

Reason No. 1 - I don't know where to start.

Reason No. 2 - I don't have the time.

Reason No. 3 - I don't like to be so structured or put in a box.

Not one of us became music teachers so we could follow steps in a book day in and day out. We're teacher musicians, meaning that the creative part of our brain needs to be exercised on a regular basis.


I love having the freedom to make music the way I see fit.  I want to be able to follow my kids' lead. I need room to breathe and feel creative and musical each day.


These are all thoughts that you've probably had at one time or another--because we're creative musicians!


Some music teachers assume that following a process, or a sequence, or a structure, means that all freedom and expression flies out the window, but that's the opposite of the truth. It's within the structure that we can begin to adapt and change and make decisions about what's best for our kids.


By setting up and following parameters for how to sequence concepts, we can then determine the best ways to actively make music. The possibilities are endless!


Here's the TRUTH.

Teaching music is HARD. You have a bunch of kids to teach, and not a lot of free time to figure out how. The trainings at your campus aren't helping you teach music in a meaningful way, and those one hour conference sessions and one day trainings can't do the whole job

I'm here to offer you a system.

It's the stuff you won't get at the district office, or at your Saturday workshops. And I truly believe it's the solution.


That's why I've made it my mission to help music teachers realize they can have structure, they can have a formula, and they can still have their creativity and musicianship as a prominent piece of the puzzle.


The knowing exactly what to teach, and the freedom to switch up how.


The confidence to design creative experiences that meet your kids where they are, instead of trying to make a prescribed script fit.


The vision of the big picture, so that you can take a breath and do what you love.

By finding the purpose, following the sequence, and choosing joy.


I've taken everything I've discovered from teaching in the music classroom and working with other music teachers and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step formula that teaches you the framework you need to develop the music curriculum of your dreams.




You'll learn the what, when, and why of everything you do, but more importantly, you'll develop your own living and breathing music curriculum formula, a sequence that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.


The end result: A plan for how you teach anything and everything in your classroom, streamlining your planning and saving you from hours of paralyzing overwhelm.

The Sequencing Solution


Gives you the complete formula for teaching any concept. From beginning to end, from gathering resources to assessment and performances. No gaps, no skipped steps, just an ideal active music making sequence.


Allows time for taking action. You won't be slammed with a bunch of theory and then left to sift through it later. We take the time each and every module to process and apply what you've learned.


Focuses on YOUR teaching philosophy. This system doesn't dictate how you make music with kids, as long as you are doing music rather than teaching about music. As a matter of fact, we chat all about the different ways you could POSSIBLY make music with kids.


This 8 week program takes you through 5 step-by-step modules to make music teacher planning more simple, streamlined, and intentional. Each module incorporates a week for implementation so you can take action right away!


Unlock Your Music Teacher Secret Sauce

Figure out what makes good teaching good teaching. (HINT: It's what you hear me say, alllll the time.) We're going to deep dive into what purposeful, sequential, and joyful reeeeeeally means, so you can apply it to your own teaching practice.

  • Define your teaching style and start brainstorming how you feel most musical and how you can bring that to your music classroom.

  • Learn the difference between micro & macro sequencing, why they are important, and how they work together as the perfect pair.

  • Explore different ways of active music making so you can fill your tool box with different ways for your students to explore.


Make Your Own Rules

& Prepare to Explore

Completely streamline your process for choosing what to include in your lessons and conquer the planning overwhelm. Then, set your kids up to be active music makers from the get go, and they'll be busting down the doors to get to music class.

  • Find the absolute best resources to use in your music classroom, whether you gather them from other sources or design your own.

  • Define what makes a song or activity quality, and figure out which ones work best in each phase of the process for your kids.

  • Ignite the learning process by designing exciting and engaging exploration lessons for your music classroom.


Activate, Analyze, & Apply

Discover the knitty gritty for facilitating music literacy & fluency. Apply the efficient process for teaching musical concepts, so you can quickly and effectively share the theory, then immediately get back to actively making music.

  • Learn how to create discovery moments that put you at the whiteboard talking music literacy for a hot minute and then immediately hands control back to the kiddos.

  • Combine musical exploration and literacy to create meaningful musical experiences that get your kids improvising & composing.

  • Create seamless transitions from one step of the learning process to the next, so your kids stay engaged and actively making music.


Share, Assess, & Reflect

Create opportunities for your kids to share their music making in a way that follows and enhances the learning process. Simplify your assessment strategies so you don't have to micromanage each activity or keep up with mountains of checklists or rubrics.

  • Design meaningful and sequential performance experiences for your music classroom, where you don't have to STOP everything to teach a program.

  • Create assessment opportunities that involve your students. Learn why observational data is essential, and how formative and summative assessments work best together.

  • Take time for meaningful reflection, for your students and for you, throughout the entire learning process, instead of just the end.


Putting it All Together

This is where you zoom out and tie a pretty bow around everything that we've talked about inside of the course. It's all about creating your curriculum roadmap that works for you and your students in your teaching situation... whatever that might look like today or tomorrow.

  • Create a system for organizing your concepts, songs, and lessons so that everything just flows when It's time to plan.

  • Have a plan for talking with your administration and school community about how and why you teach the way that you do, sharing, educating, and advocating for your classroom.

  • Process ways to adapt and innovate for any teaching situation you might find yourself in, whether it's distance learning, teaching on a cart, or any other type of transition.


Making it Your Own

These three weeks embedded throughout the program are essential to process, experiment, and apply the information you've learned throughout the course. We'll complete specific, detailed action items to move the needle on truly creating your perfect curriculum roadmap. 

  • Truly make the planning process your own by walking through each process step-by-step.

  • Follow the guides and done-for-you plans to gather inspiration for how you'll apply everything to your students and your specific teaching situation.

  • Ask questions and share in the community when you feel stuck, so we can workshop ways to make you feel confident and excited about lesson planning.

All 5 Modules Will Be Released Over the Course of 8 Weeks

Included inside of the course are 3 specific weeks for implementing what you've learned. You'll get exclusive content to apply each and every thing we've talked about to your own teaching situation.

Upon registration you get immediate access to the course website, the exclusive Members Only Community, and all the introductory materials to get you ready to start Week 1!!

Week 1


on June 1st

Week 2


on June 8th

Week 3


on June 15th

Week 4


on June 22nd

Week 5


on June 29th

Week 6


on July 6th

Week 7


on July 13th

Week 8


on July 27th

Jennifer Carson Timidaiski

Music Specialist

This course was a game changer for me.

My teaching has completely changed for the better. I feel like I was a good teacher before, but I struggled to find ways to make connections with my students. They are absolutely loving the flow of class and student engagement has increased drastically. 

...and let's talk about BONUSES!

As a lifetime member of The Sequencing Solution, you also get access to these EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM BONUSES


Purposeful Planning

a $147 value

Discover the 3 Part System to Power Up Your Weekly Music Lesson Plans. This mini-course has everything you need to take the information from The Sequencing Solution and break it into individual lessons.

what's inside...

  • A three part system that helps you plan, play, and progress with your students through every facet of music fluency and literacy.

  • Weekly lesson examples with song notation and resources so you can plug and play and plan future lessons off of this proven approach.

  • BONUS resources - printable learning targets & interactive presentations so you can have the materials at your fingertips, ready to be a planning powerhouse TODAY.


Active Music Making

a $37 value

If you're looking for knowledge and inspiration to sing, say, dance, and play, this guide has everything that you need to get started with all different modes of active music making in the elementary music classroom.

what's inside...

  • 5 lessons with sequencing, notation, and song material so that you can insert meaningful ways of using speech, movement, instruments, singing, and body percussion in your music room today.

  • How-to tips and tricks to make sure you feel confident and excited about creating musical experiences with different modes of music making to your students.

  • Reflection questions to help you identify what will make you the best music teacher for your teacher-musician self and for your students.

But WAIT... there's MORE!

  • Exclusive Group Calls

    Join Anne inside the exclusive community to chat about each and every module. This is the place to ask #allthequestions

  • Done-for-You Lessons

    Activities that are kid-tested, Anne approved. These complete unit plans will help make this process super clear!

  • Members Only Community

    A special place just for members to share ideas, ask questions, and celebrate winning moments.

  • Lifetime Access

    You get to access to all the program materials, PLUS ongoing updates and upgrades, for as long as this course is offered.

AND, to support you completely in these uncertain times.

Exclusive Community Mastermind


After all is said and done and we've gone through The Sequencing Solution together, we'll come back together for one last time. This session is all about differentiation, innovation, and being proactive as we look forward to changes that may be happening in our schools and classrooms due to COVID-19.


This is the place to get your questions answered, to be solutions oriented, and to come together in community to make sure we keep making meaningful music with our kids.

What makes this program different than all the other training courses out there?

The Sequencing Solution really helped me streamline how to build a comprehensive music curriculum, not just a string of 'really fun activities.'

Amy Steinmann

Elementary Music Specialist

Hey y'all, I'm Anne.

...and I was right where you are.

I used to be completely stuck. I felt like I had so much good stuff, and no where to put it. Nothing belonged in an order, nothing had a purpose, and I didn't give my kids the chance to be creative.


But over time, through trainings, and treating my classroom as my laboratory, I've discovered the perfect, flexible roadmap for music making with tiny people. One that provides structure, but with room to breathe and grow.


Good music teaching is sequential, active, and exciting for both teachers and students. Inside The Sequencing Solution, I share my formula for purposeful, successive lessons that will make your music classroom come alive as a creative space, unfolding organically from experience to experience.


I know The Sequencing Solution will give you all of the tools that you need to be an intention teacher, excited each and every day to go into your classroom and make music with kids. 


This is the system I've been using to teach kids for over a decade, and the way that I share with teacher-educators and adult musicians around the country. Our community members have implemented the steps and systems inside this course and have seen immediate changes in their mindset and their kids' engagement.


By the end of Week 4, you will have been in the course for a full 30 days. This means you'll have had the opportunity to learn the steps and implement your ideas for the first two modules of the course--that's HALF of the program!


By that point, if you don't feel like your classroom and teaching is on the road to being completely transformed (and you've tried some things in your classroom to take action), simply reach out, show your work until that point in time, and get a complete refund.


BUT, I'm pretty confident you'll see immediate and continuous growth and change in your classroom. The small investment you put in up front will pay off every day, week, month, and YEAR that you walk into your music classroom.

Kristin Wendell

Elementary Music Specialist

I have gained so much insight to how I organize my classroom, my planning, and my teaching.

If someone is in a slump, routine, feels like their students are not engaged, then I would highly recommend The Sequencing Solution. This program makes so much sense. I had so many "Aha!" moments.

When you register during this special, limited time enrollment period, you’ll get:

(A $1,497 Value)

  • 5 Instructional Modules + 3 Implementation Weeks

    Showing you literally everything you need to turn your music classroom into the magical place you want it to be. We'll alternate the theory with practice so you can take it all in and then immediately implement all of your new ideas.

  • A Complete, Step-by-Step Formula

    Everything you need to brainstorm and take action for any and every concept you have to teach, from beginning to end. This proven strategy has been simplified and streamlined to incorporate your unique teaching style and enhance your students' independent musicianship

  • Stress-Free Program Planning

    Ideas for how to extend student learning into a performance space that is more about sharing music making instead of something "extra."

  • Simplified Strategies for Assessment

    Encourage your students to be an active participant in their own learning. Discover ways to promote self-assessment and reflection for both individuals and groups.

When you join, you'll get immediate access to the course introduction, which will help you organize your thoughts and get you primed for success inside The Sequencing Solution.


From there, you'll be given access to one module per week + implementation weeks every other week, so you have enough time to digest information and take action before we move on to the next module--making sure we're keeping it purposeful & sequential!!


This is to help get rid of the music teacher overwhelm that makes you want to implement #allthethings all at once. By going through each step with intention, you'll have time to check in with the community, try things out, and revise your process to become your best music teacher self.

Don't Forget these EXCLUSIVE Members Only Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: The BRAND NEW Purposeful Planning Course

    (A $147 Value)

  • Bonus #2: The Complete Guide to Active Music Making 

    (A $37 Value)

  • Bonus #3: Group Calls to Collaborate and Apply 

    (A $797 Value)

  • Bonus #4: Members Only Community

    (Most memberships are $25/month or $300/year, at LEAST!) 

  • Bonus #5: Done-for-You Lessons & Unit Plans

    (Comprehensive from beginning to end.)

  • Bonus #6: Exclusive Community Mastermind Session

    (To discuss how we can adapt our teaching in these uncertain times)

  • PLUS: Lifetime Access to all Updates & Upgrades!!

    (Because teaching is time bound, situational, and always changing)

When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of $2518.

At least. And that's not to mention that you can lather, rinse, and repeat the strategies that you'll learn inside of The Sequencing Solution for any concept, grade level, or teaching situation you might find yourself in.


And, because I'm super excited to welcome you into The Sequencing Solution, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY at the special limited-time price of...

Budget Friendly

Do-It-Yourself with Support from The Sequencing Solution Community + Anne


with 2 remaining

installments of $107

LIFETIME ACCESS to The Sequencing Solution (including updates + bonuses)

Community support + accountability

Weekly group calls with Anne + members of The Sequencing Solution Community


Do-It-Yourself with Support from The Sequencing Solution Community + Anne


one time installment,

set it and forget it!

LIFETIME ACCESS to The Sequencing Solution (including updates + bonuses)

Community support + accountability

Weekly group calls with Anne + members of The Sequencing Solution Community

Ultimate Experience

with access to the community and EXCLUSIVE support + mentorship from Anne



Everything included in the DIY version, PLUS

One-on-one mentorship calls with Anne (5 in total for the duration of the program)

Unlimited email correspondence and feedback on coursework for the duration of the course (8 weeks total).

From the Community...

I was overwhelmed and daunted by how to begin to create a document with ideas for lessons I'd be able to "plug + play" down the road. TSS helped me break it all down and really understand a better way to lesson plan that is more sequential, purposeful, and will bring more joy.


It really gave me direction in how to sequence my instruction to help give my kiddos their super power rather than always giving them their kryptonite.

Kristina Dumas

Elementary Music Specialist

​An unexpected "win" was learning to be more gracious with myself. I want to do things "right" the first time instead of seeing the lessons that didn't go as expected just as a learning experience.


I feel like I've gained a better understanding of allowing students to actively create rather than just learn and perform, which is exciting. That is something that has been intimidating for me, and now it just feels like a natural step in the process.

Katye Wood

Elementary Music Specialist

I created this program to share the plug + play formula that has made my teaching purposeful, sequential, and joyful.



So you can trade just filling time for your perfect music teaching roadmap. One that lights you up, has room to breathe, and helps you and your kids be the most musical you can be.


I promise to share examples, stories, and struggles from my own teaching. What lead me from where you are right now, to where I am today...


Genuinely excited, enthusiastic, and intentional about how I make music with kids, each and every day.


I know you want the same thing. Because, let's be honest. You didn't become a music teacher to be overwhelmed and frustrated. You became a music teacher because you love making music with kids.


So take a breath, buckle up, and let's do this.


XOXO, Anne

Budget Friendly

Do-It-Yourself with support from The Sequencing Solution Community + Anne


with 2 remaining

installments of $107

LIFETIME ACCESS to The Sequencing Solution (including updates + bonuses)

Community support + accountability

Weekly group calls with Anne + members of The Sequencing Solution Community


Do-It-Yourself with support from The Sequencing Solution Community + Anne


one time installment,

set it and forget it!

LIFETIME ACCESS to The Sequencing Solution (including updates + bonuses)

Community support + accountability

Weekly group calls with Anne + members of The Sequencing Solution Community

Ultimate Experience

with access to the community and EXCLUSIVE support + mentorship from Anne



Everything included in the DIY version, PLUS

One-on-one mentorship calls with Anne (5 in total for the duration of the program)

Unlimited email correspondence and feedback on coursework for the duration of the course (8 weeks total).

What Members Ask Before Joining

I have so much to do already. Will I have time for this?

This is a big investment. Is it worth it?

I'm a newer/experienced teacher, is this right for me?

I haven't done any workshops or trainings. Should I wait?

I've already taken training courses. How is this different?

Can I get continuing education credit?

I'm so burnt out, can this really be the answer?

If you feel so beside yourself that you just aren't sure what to do, The Sequencing Solution is exactly what you need.


Not only will the lessons pump you up, but our Members Only Community is absolutely amazing. You'll have friends, cheerleaders, and of course ME to encourage and support you along the way.

Still just thinking about it?

You should give The Sequencing Solution a 30-day risk-free go if you resonate with any of these...

  • You are SO OVER not having any idea what to teach before kids walk into your classroom.

  • You've been wishing and waiting for the plug + play solution for teaching any concept in the music room.

  • You crave structure, but also want freedom to nurture your own creativity and musicianship.

  • You teach music for the kids. So that they can be joyful while discovering their most creative, musical selves.

  • You believe outside of the box is where the magic happens, and you're comfortable with getting uncomfortable.

  • You're ready to stop filling time and are sick of being frustrated by what in the world to teach next.

  • You're willing to invest in yourself to be more intentional with your teaching. 

  • You're not afraid to push up your sleeves and do the work.

This program isn't for you if...

  • You're fine with not knowing what you're doing tomorrow, or even today.

  • You would never use a formula or template to make your teaching life easier.

  • You don't want to have to be intentional with your teaching.

  • You don't see the value in investing in yourself, or in education, and you aren't willing to.

  • You're not open to new perspectives or different ways of thinking or doing things.

  • You don't want to save time by having a system in place for how and what to teach.

Hurry! Don't wait another minute!

The doors close May 31st, at 9 pm Pacific!


Budget Friendly

Do-It-Yourself with support from The Sequencing Solution Community + Anne


with 2 remaining

installments of $107

LIFETIME ACCESS to The Sequencing Solution (including updates + bonuses)

Community support + accountability

Weekly group calls with Anne + members of The Sequencing Solution Community


Do-It-Yourself with support from The Sequencing Solution Community + Anne


one time installment,

set it and forget it!

LIFETIME ACCESS to The Sequencing Solution (including updates + bonuses)

Community support + accountability

Weekly group calls with Anne + members of The Sequencing Solution Community

Ultimate Experience

with access to the community and EXCLUSIVE support + mentorship from Anne



Everything included in the DIY version, PLUS

One-on-one mentorship calls with Anne (5 in total for the duration of the program)

Unlimited email correspondence and feedback on coursework for the duration of the course (8 weeks total).

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